First of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Martin Cambell and I am a 32yr old fat bastard, being fat isnt something you should be ashamed of, I know people look at us differently, for instance when im sitting in macdonalds on my fourth large big mac meal and the skinny people stare, its not nice I know, therefore I have built this site to help other fat people like myslef get through the everyday issues, such as the stigma of being a fat twat.

In this web site Im going to show you and help you overcome many issues which I have had to deal with, such as:-

* The cost of food, eating six times as much as a skinny person everyday can be expensive, in this section I will show you how you can stay a fat twat at little expense.


* Cloths, big problem, I like good cloths but have you ever tried buying a nice kappa shell suit size 56" waiste, its impossible, so I will show you how to do it.


* Airplane seating, another no go, after the first time I was asked to leave a plane because I needed three seats and had only paid for two I promised myself this would never happen again, so now I fly with dream lifter were I get an entire cargo area to myself.


* Sore legs, my legs hurt everyday from carrying my weight, I will show you the best exercises and easy ways not to have to use them, so you can spend more time on your arse eating.

* Getting in and out of a car & driving - these are big everyday issues which are very hard to overcome.

This is me and car, I love this little fiat and it loves me


* Washing - how to wash things when you carnt see them, like my little cock!

* Realationships, I love nothing better than swinging with other fat bastards, all that raw flesh slapping against each other, bloody fantastic.


* Sports and Activities, I enjoy many sports, but sometimes these can be an issue.